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      2. 常州市恒大化工有限公司

        Changzhou Hengda Chemical Co., Ltd.

        Products are mainly suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical

        Specializing in the production and sales of chemical products such as piperazine hexahydrate, piperazine anhydrous, hexapentapiperazine, etc.


        Hengda Chemical


        Alias: 1-ethylpiperazine

        CAS NO.: 5308-25-8

        EINECS NO.: 226-166-6

        Molecular formula: C6H14N2

        Molecular weight: 114.18900 g / mol

        Molecular structure:

        Specification: N-ethyl piperazine ≥ 99.5%; Piperazine ≤ 0.10%; N. N-diethylpiperazine ≤ 0.10%; Moisture ≤ 0.30%

        Package: 180 kg / barrel

        Dangerous goods transport No.: UN 2734 8 + 3 / PG III

        Uses: used in the synthesis of veterinary drug ethyl ciprofloxacin, also used in the synthesis of dyes, plant protectants raw materials

        Appearance: colorless or light yellow liquid

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