Friday, September 16, 2016

Wai Khru Day 2016

We celebrated Wai Khru Day two days ago. It was done during Chapel program this time and students were required to sit on the floor while teachers sat on chairs that were provided. It was a neat planned program by the SC but one thing I didn't really enjoy was to see how noisy and bored students were while the program was running. While teachers were suppose to enjoy the privilege of being celebrated, they have to quiet the students down and made sure that they were paying attention to what was happening. Apparently some teachers got the better of it and didn't see how he/she could enjoy the program any longer and shortly left even before the program ran half-way. 

Ugh! I left when the students were asked to 'wai' to whoever teachers they wanted to show respect to. Not that I didn't want to be there for the students but it's also sad for those new teachers who just came, seeing no students went to them to give their 'wai' respect. It will be nice to have students representative to give flowers to each teachers so none will feel left out. Anyway, despite of running away, students still flooded my class and gave their respect and jasmine flowers. I was actually surprise to receive a long written card from a student named Anna S. She was special, played jaguar bass, piano and drum yet one of the quietest one in class and everyone knows that but to have her write to me was an unexpected one. I'm grateful for the time I chose to not talk to her about things that her mom was pushing me to. I knew deep in my heart that she didn't need to know. Thank you Lord for guiding me on this one. Not my greatness but for Your glory, Lord.
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