Friday, September 16, 2016

Mid Autumn Festival At Home

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone!

This year I didn't get Mei Xin's mooncake like I used to for the family because we thought it's time to venture other mooncake carrier out there. So, we get to try two different types of mooncake. One is a coconut covered lava mooncake, and the other is a purple colored mooncake called Violet Harmony. Both tasted so good! We were supposed to go out and have dinner at a Chinese restaurant but we canceled just because all of us were tired and little hobb decided that he wanted to play with his toys at home (yet he ended up reading books). I managed to whip up a simple dinner with Tom Kha Gai as the highlight and everyone ate mooncake while I looked at online music equipment. Slow life is precious for us because our mornings are always in a rush and it's hard to slow down at times especially with homeworks, work and other things in the evenings! One day at a time, one day at a time!

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