Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What About Them Expecting to Sail through??

Here I am still getting the hang of Summer school even a week had gone by. I know that I am blessed with 7 hard-working students. They work hard, not so hard but enough to enjoy their 6 hours of class for a month!

Last year, I really learned to let go. Let go thinking of the things that at the end won't even happen, let go of the feeling that I'm not good enough, and let go of hanging onto something that I have no control of. Teaching life was much better and much easier in school. I got to know and became close friends with more students and managed to stay away from negative vibes most of the time. Yet, there are times, the negativity of others just crept in and I really don't know how I even survived working with such people!

Today, while waiting for my students to finish their open book test, I sit here thinking of what this occupation holds for my future. Then again, I realized, it's not my future that will likely be at stake IF, but it's my students. My plans on 'riding' on a kurt cobain mustang will not be affected by my choices I make today and I know that but what about my students? What about that mini theater club I promise to sponsor? What about that larger than life American Lit. class students signed up for thinking it could give them a smooth sail to Grade 12 without meeting any monsters along the way? What about them? 

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