Friday, March 25, 2016

No Words

Today I walked out of the house angry. Angry of what I found and learned from browsing the mail. I seriously don't understand why people would lie to friends, love ones, and to their own self so easily. Don't they see what damage lying can bring to a friendship? Relationship? Family? What's left of trust? Loyalty and Honor? After that big LIE I got spat on my face last June, I don't think I could take in another but that's what I have been getting. One BIG lie, followed by small ones, every now and then. That includes today. 

How do you suppose one could forgive 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 when you're merely human being just like them? It's shameful enough to ask tell me off by saying "you just killed all my motivation!" Sort of that phrase was said. I am really not a fool. Fool me over and over again if you need to. Ultimately, you are only fooling yourself because that is what fools do to themselves. 

Well, what is done is done. People just don't appreciate you. Move on. I wish it was that easy. Right now, I'll get native instruments guitar rig and play a happy life song. Till the music dies off!


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