Friday, January 22, 2016

Eyes Straight, Chin High

I was in the elevator this morning when a bunch of students swamped into inside and started to blah in Thai! There were two teachers inside it was as if none of them saw any of us. When the door opened at the 3rd floor, and the ignorant students stepped out, one girl stepped inside and we had a chit chat. I was referring to the previous group who walked out and casually said "How ignorant! Two teachers are standing here and they know they are suppose to mind their language but see what they did instead!" Then the girl student who were in with us said, " they are Thais, what do you expect?" So I said "well, at least in class they all do speak English!" And the girl went on and said "Even in class, they don't speak English. Why blame them for that?" then the elevator reached my floor and I said "Look, you are not English, but why do you speak English?" and walked out! I feel demotivated many times just because the students are not aware of how much their teachers care for their future! It's like giving them a 65 amps and they just smack it to the floor! How motivating is that? Oh well, why do we have to care so much anyway?
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