Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Girls Night In

It's Mother's Day today and all I wanted to do is to do nothing!

Earlier, we girls have arranged for a sleepover at a friend's house and I can say it was a good change after a hectic week to wear off all the back-to-school jitters that's still haunting our nerves.

So I put my little Hobb to bed, got my music t shirts and ran down to our sleepover place. We started with a Bollywood movie that stirred much of our emotions, tears and laughter, then moved on to a chick flick Pitch Perfect II while our host, generous Ethel fed us endlessly to the brim! The night ended late but all the catching up was worth the eye-bags! :)

Today, we continued with all our movie-watching and all the lazy days in could call for while little Hobb amused us with his wits!

Thai Mother's Day 2015

Happy Birthday to our beloved Queen and Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers in Thailand!

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