Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sliding Doors Affair

Sliding doors and I has agreed to disagree ever since that epic kiss we had with each other in public a few years ago. Don't get me wrong, I prefer sliding doors anytime to a classic bing-bang door but our affair sees us nowhere. 
Recently at our professional development retreat, my friends son was swoon by a not so sparky sliding door that was standing viciously at our resort's dining hall. Everyone was in the dining hall having dinner when a bomb-like explosion sound happened a few feet from where my family and I sat. Those closest to it saw partly what happened and another friend of mine happened to be right in front of this boy who was then known to have brutally kissed head first with the sliding door. I bet the floor must have played a part otherwise, the boy won't get a big bleeding bump on his head and lips! Thank God there were trained nurses and doctors around. They soothed the wound in no time and the wailing stopped too! See, now you know why sliding doors and I don't click. Leave my experience out for there's nothing pretty after the big break up! If you need to protect your loved ones from having a kissing affair, you can get sliding door gear from here

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slides of life "D

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