Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cats Can Wait

Can't hide it but I tell my cat-lover students that I have aversion towards cats. This goes down to how many bad experience I've encountered with cats in the past. The last one was when I actually garnered all my phobias and tried to pat a Siamese cat! My best friend tried to convince me that I should first try to make connections with her cat by patting it on its head. Being me with animals, taking the move is not something I would naturally do but I thought YOLO! So, I slowly extended my right hand towards the cat knowing that it was in such a calm mode!

Pawwwwwowwwmeowww!! !@#$%^

As my hands were right above the cat's head, its paws came twice faster than my ability to think of screaming! There goes my de-phobia process!

When I walked through the Entirely Pets Pharmacy, I thought cats are cute but no, thank you!

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