Sunday, November 23, 2014

Birthdays & Christmas

December is next week already! I need to really plan my family's expenditure because this is usually the month where we tend to have lots of events, activities and planned vacay. Today I was out with my two boys to hunt for several things that we planned to bring home and on our way we had to stop at Mayfair 64 to settle some things. While Hobbit and I were busy talking to people, little Hobb was pesting for us to go home. So we stopped by MK for lunch and went to Lotus to buy some more groceries all to be stuffed into our luggage when we go home in December. Then I thought of all my friends who will be celebrating their birthdays in December, including Hobbit. I could easily get gifts for the girls but Hobbit? He's always the hardest and don't ask me why. Last year I got him an electric shaver and I think this year I might as well just go with my last year's gift and gift him a shaving stand! Hah! Moola, please rain down on me!


Friday, November 21, 2014

Bought A Counterfeit Dress

Have you ever bought something from the internet and expected to get exactly what you see on the picture shown online? I did and many a times I expected the things I ordered or bought online would appear to be the exact color, design, shape, pattern of what I saw on the online picture. Yet, there were times when this was not the case. Once I ordered a Zara branded floral dress online and before the dress reached me, I could hardly wait and kept imagining myself in the floral dress that I knew would be exactly like what I eyed for. Then the day the dress came, I thought I would try it on immediately upon arriving home. Long story kept short, I was shocked to find that the floral patterns and the design didn't seem to be as what I saw in the picture. It was totally a different dress although colors were quite the same. I totally felt cheated and knew that it was an imitation of a Zara branded dress and not something that is sold in the store. I wished they had a Money Back Guarantee because I would really like to shove the dress back right into the box and ship it back to them! So take extra caution in buying whatever that is online because counterfeit stuff are lurking all around the net nowadays!

Thank God It's Friday. Honestly!

I've been looking forward for weekend to come and it's finally here. Gonna shed my teaching cap and wear my beautiful mama crown! :)

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