Thursday, August 7, 2014

Refrigerator Broke Down

Our refrigerator broke down totally. So yesterday my maid helped to transport the content that were kept in my fridge all the way down to the big refrigerator available in our apartment. Lucky us for having such a nice landlord.

After calling my maid this afternoon, she said the handyman had our refrigerator checked and concluded that it was the compressor that causes it to stop freezing. Anyway, I remembered we have used it for more than 5 years now and with our never ending stuff in and out of the fridge, I don't blame it breaking down just to get our attention that it's tired.

So now, we are torn in between buying a new one or just fix the present one and use it to its full capacity. However, we've also been thinking of getting another refrigerator to store all of little Hobb's food. Apart from that, we are also thinking of a great mixer lift. Lets see what happens then.

Mom's 1st Birthday

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Nanny aka Maid Ended the Lock

A short whine before I do my school work that is piling on my desk--

My maid of almost 2 years has decided to be thoughtful and neat. Therefore, without asking Hobbit and I, she dutifully work the scissors on my little Hobb's baby hair lock that we have been saving ever since he was born.

My plan was to cut little Hobb's lock when he reaches schooling age so that I could save that lock in his memory book and who knows give it to him when he graduates from high school or when he gets married someday. Yet, somebody, who has no blood relation or whatsoever with little Hobb has decided to waste all my dreams of keeping and saving that hair to an end. Thanks for the help but no thank you!

And how did I find out? I was drying little Hobb's hair and I was frantically looking for the locks thinking that the hair wasn't combed and they must be hiding somewhere. Then I started to panic and was frantically brushing little Hobb's hair with my fingers. None! Everything behind his neck was of the same size! Arrrrrgggggggggghhhhh!! That's when my maid proudly confessed that she had trimmed them several days ago! As soon as I heard what she did, I thought I could cry right in front of her like a baby (I seriously was felt like crying out loud)! Then I started to ask her why and how and why and why again, to which she nonchalantly said "Oh, I thought you didn't like it messy!" and walked out. What?? Who did she think she is? Without any permission from the parents and now showing no remorse at all and just walk away as if we would get over it and move on with what she did?? Ugh!!

Anyway, I lacked sleep the whole day and therefore this post. I know you can sense anger and sadness in every corner but whatever it is, I couldn't possibly get that lock of hair back. Right now, I need to clear my head and browse some beautiful stuff in . Maybe God will instill in me on what and how I should handle this to the next step. *pening*

Bob the Train Shape Song

This song is stuck in my head the whole day because of Little Hobb!

Preschool Session for 2014-2015

The preschool session is running till this Friday and there's no way I could do work around the house. I was planning to sort out all my junks and sell them online and giveaway stuff that are still usable to others but it seems to be impossible because I am spending my time in school until almost 5pm everyday! Ah-huh!! We have two days of holidays next week do we? I guess I will steal one of those days to do my sorting-out then. From this website, the table linens seemed to be calling for my credit card. Till now, I have not found any that suits my dining table at home. Still hunting! So, till then!
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