Friday, July 25, 2014

Ultimate Hair

I was and am still contemplating whether I should chop off my long bob and back to the shorter bob or the have the pixie look again. Looking at pictures of ladies with short hairs, I can't help but envy! Yet, thinking that I won't be able to put them up or tie them together hurts.

What some of my friends and Hobbit did was to suggest me to try on several wigs and see how I feel about them. So I went to this website for a wig. After browsing, I found several that I really like (minus the blonde, please)! Here are my choices...

Maya wig from Ultimate Looks
Tasha wig from Ultimate Looks

Annette wig from Ultimate Looks
So these are my preferences. What do you think?? Should I go for short, or just leave my hair as it is right now??

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