Friday, July 25, 2014

Kids Tuxedo

The mission for the weekend shopping is to hunt for kids tuxedos.

My brother is getting married this coming December, so little Hobb has been busy practicing his walk down the isle. At first, I warned my brother and his future wife that little Hobb might not do a very good job due to his playful nature. However, I think I changed my mind about my boy because Hobbit and I has discovered that he was actually capable.

It all happened on a boring night and we were all lazing around in the living room. All of a sudden, Hobbit had the idea to let little Hobb try out his Bible boy walk. So he gave him a book and taught him how to hold it, then Hobbit hummed the music. He was so good at following instructions for first timers that we clapped so hard when he reached the 'pastor,' which was me! So we recorded the whole replay and sent it to my brother, who was equally impressed! :)

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