Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rise and never Fall

I walked to the back of the school to buy 'cacao milk' ice drink and had the chance to chat with the lady for a bit. She was asking for another batch of coins to be delivered but I told her that my coins were running low lately due to us donating to little Hobb's piggy bank. I casually took out 18 baht to pay my drink but she motioned me that it wasn't enough. She said it's 20 baht!! Wow! Have you noticed the latest price 'trend'? Yup, they race to rise!

Now my whole coconut from Lotus supermarket will never be 16 baht like I first came but 29 baht, my favorite chunk of cut salmon will never be 69 baht but 109 baht and when you get lucky, it's still at 89 baht. My organic veggies at Big C will never be 49 baht per air bag but 69 baht and oh, big stuff like gasoline that my car drinks everyday is ever rising, never falling. Now I wonder if my cheap promise rings will rise in price too?

What will it be like 5 years from now?

Where Ice-Cream Comes From

So this is where all that ice-cream came from...

That's chocolate ice-cream for you...But Vanilla ice-cream has to be original...

Now I feel like having one...Vanilla chocolate ice-cream!!

Thanks to the weather! ;)

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