Monday, March 3, 2014

Let It Go...Let It Go...

I can't seem to erase the song from my 'hard-drive' no matter how hard I try to divert myself to other tunes. Problem is, my students are not over the movie and songs yet and today the Junior Film Show decided to show cast Frozen and it was my first time watching (yup, I'm a cave mama...) but guess what? I totally enjoyed it like the rest of the high schoolers (regardless the number of times they have watched it)! No wonder the song is such a hip!

Today Dollie and I brought Ashton to the film show at school and instead of watching, he ended up eating with auntie Dollie while the rest of us watch the movie, Frozen. While I was carrying him, he was intrigued by the cool MIDI controllers in the sound room and wanted me to take him to play with it. But right before his tantrum was about to start, the song Let It Go was sung by princess Elsa. He immediately sang along with it which amused some people because he also did some silly action to go along with the chorus of the song haha!

Cold Play - Fix You

I like to listen to Cold Play when I am alone be it in the classroom, home or in the restroom.

Eric Benet ReImagining Willie Nelson's "Always On My Mind"

I can never get bored of this song ever since the first time I heard Datuk Paul Tom Imbayan sung it in one occasion I attended with my parents many, many moons ago. I guess I was 7 back then? That's the age when I noticed I love singing! Then I started jotting down lyrics on my Yayasan Sabah notebook and secretly sing like Francesca Peter! I remembered memorizing a patriotic song "Demi Negara" and performing like a 'pro' on my abang Patrick's bed holding a comb! Ahh...Now these memories just keeps flashing in my mind. So here's Eric Benet, my all time favorite singer doing his version! Enjoying an exceptional baritone case :)

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