Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Unexpected "Hello!"

I walked into the worship room this morning and all eyes were on me, thank you very much! I then was greeted "Hello" by the principal who just ended his last word to the crowd and lo and behold, after that "hello" was "have a nice day, everyone!"


So I was late, again.

You know, I know it is my fault that I am always late in the morning but I wish and I just sometimes wish that people read minds and that they can read what was going on in my head at that moment and that they could stare and me and look at what I just had to go through last night and know...And eventually know...That I didn't have enough sleep last night and that I was trying my best to run with my heels on at 6:40am and be there on time just so I could be greeted a "hello" by the principal.

Truth is, I really do not wish people to have mind-reading abilities. Neither do I wish they know anything about me because I don't want people to pry on my life. It's just that when your mind is disturbed at 6:40am in the morning, you would wish for everything opposite.

Last night Hobbit and I slept at about 1am and woke on and off to a very cranky and moody little Hobb. He had fever on and off since last Saturday evening and it didn't leave his body just yet. We came home from work yesterday evening to find him burning. So we continued to treat him with his natural concoction until his fever went down after he took a shower. Then all of a sudden, his fever shoots up again in the middle of the night! It is so hard to convince him to fuel fluids into his body and he wanted to be carried all the time. Hobbit had to carry him in a sleeping position just so he could catch some sleep in between. Towards dawn, I just didn't know what happened because I was totally exhausted and conked out until I heard whistles from the school's security guards. It meant school time, and I am still tired. 

So why am I starred at and greeted a big fat "hello" again? Is it because I felt like an unfinished wood cutouts?

I guess I just have to shrug all the negative notions and move on with work because oh, someone just asked me a question on whatsapp this morning that goes like " How do you make sure your life is worthwhile everyday? Please share." 

My reply was "Life is worthwhile when I know I have to wake up every morning and raise my child." 

...because I have responsibilities!


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