Friday, January 10, 2014

Can I Do It??

Have you guys stumbled upon ? Today I stumbled upon a lady who recorded how she spent a hundred days working out for self-esteem and health. Guess what, the 100 days goal totally paid off! I am always jealous of people who could concentrate on their goals for as long as a month, half a year, five years...So what I did right after watching motivating videos from givit100, I signed up not knowing what I wanted to learn or work on for 100 days! But I do have several things in mind. Do you think I can take the challenge? Or would I just stop there and sulk for my pathetic self? Lets see! 

Another thing I want to do early this year is to do a 48 hour rapid detox program. I am very interested in cleaning my gut because your immune system depends on how healthy your gut is. So this is one of my goal this year -- to have a healthy gut! Wish me luck for I know I need lots of them to push me lazy bum! :)

1 comment:

Deanna Beryl said...

I also stumbled on the website super recently! So inspired by the people who press on and made it to the goal! I LIKE your challenge...YOU CAN DO IT!

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