Monday, December 2, 2013

Sport's Day Chaos to Home

I am home after being entertained by all the screams and drums by the cheerleaders from each color houses who are enjoying the sports day in school. I thought home would be a good place to soothe my ear drums a bit and away from all the chaos but the minute I came home, little Hobb is awake and active that you can go deaf from all his screaming and moves! Yeah, he is at that age where screaming is a way of soothing and a sort of 'bribe' for the parents! Great huh? Sometimes I become so confused of my son's emotions and behaviors but when I realized that all these are part of their growing up process, I learn to let them go. Right now, I am entertaining Little Hobb while he 'performs' with his papa's guitar! His guitar strumming can be 'annoying' at times because it is oh-so-random! What more if the guitar is plugged on epiphone amplifiers at Guitar Center?! Okay, enough rambling...I better get back to the chaos before someone notices me missing in action!

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