Friday, December 6, 2013

Little Hobb has a "Gatai!!"

We finally bought little Hobb a mini guitar. The problem is, he was only excited with it the first time we bought and gave it to him. As days went by, he tend to abandon his "gatai" (the way he calls a guitar) whenever he sees our guitars, he will throw his own mini guitar away and tries to snatch our guitars away from our hands. Now don't assume we are a family born guitarist. We are no where closer to that. It was out of our sudden interest a few years back that we decided to indulge in some guitar lessons but then it died down once little Hobb came. Yet the only one remaining active in practicing is Hobbit. His partner in crime, me, had ditched her guitar and saxophone almost a decade ago! Next in Hobbit's list of purchase is this cool guitar pickguards at musicians friend.

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