Friday, December 6, 2013

Little Hobb has a "Gatai!!"

We finally bought little Hobb a mini guitar. The problem is, he was only excited with it the first time we bought and gave it to him. As days went by, he tend to abandon his "gatai" (the way he calls a guitar) whenever he sees our guitars, he will throw his own mini guitar away and tries to snatch our guitars away from our hands. Now don't assume we are a family born guitarist. We are no where closer to that. It was out of our sudden interest a few years back that we decided to indulge in some guitar lessons but then it died down once little Hobb came. Yet the only one remaining active in practicing is Hobbit. His partner in crime, me, had ditched her guitar and saxophone almost a decade ago! Next in Hobbit's list of purchase is this cool guitar pickguards at musicians friend.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sport's Day Chaos to Home

I am home after being entertained by all the screams and drums by the cheerleaders from each color houses who are enjoying the sports day in school. I thought home would be a good place to soothe my ear drums a bit and away from all the chaos but the minute I came home, little Hobb is awake and active that you can go deaf from all his screaming and moves! Yeah, he is at that age where screaming is a way of soothing and a sort of 'bribe' for the parents! Great huh? Sometimes I become so confused of my son's emotions and behaviors but when I realized that all these are part of their growing up process, I learn to let them go. Right now, I am entertaining Little Hobb while he 'performs' with his papa's guitar! His guitar strumming can be 'annoying' at times because it is oh-so-random! What more if the guitar is plugged on epiphone amplifiers at Guitar Center?! Okay, enough rambling...I better get back to the chaos before someone notices me missing in action!

I'm Sticking with My Current Hobby (hopefully!)

Several days ago I blogged about my brother getting married very soon. Today I am actually on an errand to do some brochure printing and at the same time checking out how much it would cost to print invitation cards. Then maybe check out some materials for my sewing project. Yes, I'm sewing again! Hopefully my excitement won't just die after a few days because I tend to get very lazy when something else is distracting me from my current hobby! I wish to do more projects next year and even plan to upgrade my sewing machine! Planning and planning. Sounds good to plan but to actually do it, takes a lot of courage and motivation! So, wish me lots and lots of courage!! Ha!

The Pleasant Weather Is Back!

The temperature shows 21 degree Celsius this morning and it's our school's sport's day today. Despite the political turmoil, sport's day has to go on because preparation has been made and students have been anticipating for this day to come. We are fortunate that our school is not anywhere close to where the mobs are taking place but everything can be very unpredictable so precautions are still taken to ensure that everyone stays safe in school. 

Here's what I harvested from reading my tweets this morning...

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