Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wedding Bells in June

So my youngest brother is getting married! How time flies. He was the tinniest when he was growing up and I couldn't even imagine that he would someday settle down and start a family with a girl because my family and I thought all he would have as a wife would probably be a mustang! Yes, CARS!

He first drove (pun intended) us crazy by driving our dad's pick up truck away for about 30 minutes to a nearby village when he was 10 years old. Yes, 10 years old! How would you feel having a 10 year-old leading the wheels?? My dad panicked when at that time he noticed that his truck was gone missing! Who would have thought the little boy who was actually seen cycling not too long ago, ran away with a truck that heaven knows if his feet would even reach the brake pads?? But my brother did. He drove to a next door village, about 2 kilometers from our village, and those who recognized our dad's truck actually thought a ghost was driving it since no head popped out at the driver's seat! They had to ask dad about the spooky incident and it was all because of the little mischievous lad...

Today, my brother actually line messaged me if I could help out with his wedding plans. I see this coming ever since he got engaged but little did I bother of how I would feel when he would seek my advice about wedding preparation. It all sounded "too soon!" But here I am, enjoying looking at Reeds rings, wedding gowns and door favors online. I need to learn to leave those notions I have about how little he knows about the world but ponder upon how much he actually have learned about the world that he is willing to take the plunge to drive to the gates of marriage!

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