Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tantrums Oh Tantrums!

So we came home from our weekend shopping yesterday and little Hobb was not in a good very mood. Hobbit parked the car and unload our things. I had to do the most dreaded thing (something we recently discovered), that was to take the boy out of his seat in his sleeping state. Now, how nice can a sleepy boy get when he knew he would be taken out of his comfy seat and out of his ultimate 'rocking' car?? Not so nice. So I unlocked the belt and tried to carry him out of his car seat. Guess what? He screamed non-stop that Hobbit and I needed to find the right thing to say to calm him down. 

When Hobbit, little Hobb and I reached home, little Hobb didn't want to take his shoes off and didn't want his feet to touch the ground just because he didn't have enough of his car ride yet. He kept pointing to the direction of the car and we were loaded with shopping bags. We had no choice but to put him down hoping that he would calm down when we shove him his 'neh!' Guess what? We shoved him almost everything and nothing worked. He was yelling and screaming while standing alone in the middle of the living room, not wanting anyone to touch nor hold him. 

So we left little Hobb to cool down by himself and hopefully will play with this toys and vic firth drumstick with free esb bag, but nothing happened. He just cried away until it attracted our neighbors. 

Now my point is, I know clear well that I have sweet boy and people do tend to look at him as a pleasant toddler to be with. Yet, he is no different from other kids in terms of throwing tantrums and rolling on the floor hoping mama and papa would read his mind! I really don't want people to think that I have a perfect kid but I want them to clearly know that he is a toddler and not being nice once in a while is totally a growing up process that all of us had to go through. Right?? :)

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