Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stop Using My Son to Sell Your Product!

I was upset last Sunday.

Thing was, my family and I walked out of our home and wanted to enjoy the school fair. Then we met a friend, who worships all his direct selling products and even swears that they all worked wonders!

Get the background of this story - I bought one of this friend's (lets call him A) products just for occasional use since it does help supplement what our food is not giving us. 

So, at the school fair, he came to us and all of a sudden dragged my son to see one of his future customer and made a self-proclaimed testimony about how healthy my son was after taking his product and that his future customer should try it too since there's a 'living' testimony standing right in front of him. 

Come on! How much does he knows about what my son's health? Attributing to one particular supplement and not considering how the person takes good care of their health is not the way to sell a product and make money! 

Later, I came home and decided on a good status update to post online just so I could take away my inner frustrations about what just happened. When I meet up with friend A again, I would really want a good explanation.

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