Monday, October 7, 2013

I Don't Know How Working Mothers Do It

It was really hard for me to leave the house today. Somehow my little Hobb woke up early, knowing that I have to go to work. Yesterday was Sunday and the day before Sunday was Sabbath and he was fine and didn't react the way he did, this morning. How do toddlers know and sense these things?

I don't know how working mothers divert their child's attention so their child won't be too clingy before they leave the house door. What I think I know is how most working mothers must have felt before or after leaving the house. They wish they are WAHM (work at home mom). That's how my boy made me feel this every morning.I need a full extension slides.

Earlier, at 3:15am this morning, I had the urge to just talk to God and I don't know of what. I have this strong urge to write to Him but I don't know for what. I used to have a habit of recording everything in a journal/diary. But after my little man came, I thought ahh...I don't have time. But I think I feel much better when I express myself through writing, especially writing to God about my feelings, my life, everything...

So back to my urge of talking to God, I feel a great need to again own a diary and start writing to Him. Not that I don't write, but now I keep records of my son's daily progress, activities, etc. So see, how can I catch up with myself when I am busy catching up on his life? I think I need to relearn how to actually spell the word B.A.L.A.N.C.E.

Nevertheless, I managed with a heavy heart walked out of the house and go to work this morning. I could hear little Hobb calling 'Mama' and wished that someone would come over from the school and told me that I am fired but that didn't happen. I persevered and continued to.

I love my boy, to the moon and back.

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