Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How Many Months Now?? Are You Kidding Me??

My students thought me preggo when I brought a row of packet milk to school!

I was standing right in the middle of the classroom and noticed all eyes were almost literally 'painting' my whole body like they were brushes -- up and down and up and down.

I was curious and so I stopped talking...caught a Korean boy who looked at me suspiciously!

Me: Hmm...Why are you looking at me like that? 
Wonk: Nothing...
Me: Why??
Wonk: Maam, can I ask, how many months already? 
Me: *perplexed* What kind of question is that? 
Sarah: He is asking how many months are you pregnant now...
Me: *being sarcastic and felt like crying* Me? Oh...Errr...10 months?! How did you know? 
Sarah: You always sit in the classroom during lunch time and you have packet milk on your desk. 
Me: Ooooooh....Now I get it...So yeah, 10 months...Any problem with that? *gave them a sharp glance*

Everyone looked at me seriously and went back to looking at their books, embarrassed. I, continued on my lesson.

Still, they didn't ask about me being 10 months pregnant!!


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