Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Confessions of the Month!

I am so ashamed to say this, but due to the starting of the new school year, added work loads, and other unforeseen circumstances lately, I have been on tea and caffeine! Caffeine, for crying out loud!! My juicing habit has been neglected and my 5 minutes exercise has been pushed aside as well. I am currently in my second week of burning the midnight oil, almost every night. 

Not good...

Not good!!

I need to start afresh next week (still want to work otherwise can't catch up) and that is to stop the caffeine (my body has learned to accept it ggggrrrrrhhhh!) and start my one month detox regime. I also need to exercise already!

September, please remind me of my little pinky promise! Thank you and wish me lots and lots of luck!

P/s: Oh and Mr. Coffee, I am going to ditch you soon. I never wanted you in me, anyway. But thanks for keeping me 'in tune' when I really needed the 'boost.' Because of you, much was done.  

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