Sunday, August 4, 2013

Knock and You Shall Receive

It's amazing how God answers prayers. Last night I specifically prayed that Hobbit didn't have to go to work on a Sabbath day. I started by telling a good friend about it and asked her to pray too. Then I left it there and then and talked little about it to Hobbit except asking him to pray for it too! After praying about it, he told me that he will not go (well, according to his school, if you miss work for a lame excuse as in church, then there will be big possibilities that you'll get fried aka. kicked out). So I thought, hmm..but what if he gets fired? What's our alternative plan? How will we support little Hobb? Perhaps it's a new adventure? So, I left my thoughts and questions without trying to look for answers. Whatever happens, then it's God's will.

Then morning came. Hobbit got a message from his boss asking where he was. Hobbit replied truthfully that he was about to attend church. Then in came the reply that he was excused. Imagine how much of a relief I felt at that moment! Minutes after that, I received a Line message from the friend whom I asked to pray for Hobbit. She told me that she was praying the whole night and morning and decided to asked me about our decision. See, how good is God? We should never doubt his greatness and love! :)

On another note, I am currently looking at affordable audio technica at803b at guitar center. Planning to use these for my class that is going to start soon! :)

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Deanna Beryl said...

God is good, Aims! Glad to know everything went alright :)

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