Thursday, August 22, 2013

He Turns One, Five Months

My little Hobbit turns one year, five months today!


We actually had a mini celebration for little Hobb yesterday. We took him to play at his favorite place, Kidzoona, at Gateway, Ekamai. His parents also decided to pump up the celebration a bit with liable excuses:

"We took good care of little Hobb and therefore we deserved a good massage!"

Yup, we treated ourselves to a one hour massage at Gateway while the toddler went monkeying with the nanny at the children's indoor playground. Clever huh? :)

Hobbit had a foot massage while I opted for head and shoulder massage. Actually I just did foot massage two days prior to this recent massage. Speak of good service. Oh, but the counter lady wasn't very friendly. Pfff!

Hobbit and I found out that one hour at the indoor playground was enough to deplete our boy's energy. He was totally uninterested with everything after an hour of rigid play. The nanny told us that all he wanted was to "Go! Go! Go!" which translated to "I want to get out of this place already!"


Thank goodness he didn't used up his gold dollar coins!! 
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