Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Do Re Mi Fa So!

The Bible said that if you stop using your talents, God is going to take them away from you. 

Exactly what I thought when I was practicing with a choir group last weekend. How can I not hit the right notes?? How can I not be in harmony with the rest? How can I not be in perfect pitch? 

They say, practice is key to succeed in playing any instruments. Guess my voice box needs some twitching and tuning. Time to practice vocalizing again. Otherwise, I won't even be surprise if God takes away my precious voice! Time to check out cad condenser mic at musician's friend tonight.

We Do Press On

My biggest horror today was when I looked and studied our school calendar. No holidays until October! What??? Now I really wanna blame it on the early retreat we had. Why do we need to retreat when we just had a long summer vacation? Duh! Well, if you think this speaks for me alone (as a teacher), try asking the students...

I am not complaining. Just thinking about how tiring it will get.

It's almost 4pm right now and I am still in school. I haven't gone home during school time ever since school started, given I live just a 3 minutes walk away. How sad can that get? When I do, I would immediately put my mama gear on and become a full time mom for my little Hobb.

I miss my boy!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

He Turns One, Five Months

My little Hobbit turns one year, five months today!


We actually had a mini celebration for little Hobb yesterday. We took him to play at his favorite place, Kidzoona, at Gateway, Ekamai. His parents also decided to pump up the celebration a bit with liable excuses:

"We took good care of little Hobb and therefore we deserved a good massage!"

Yup, we treated ourselves to a one hour massage at Gateway while the toddler went monkeying with the nanny at the children's indoor playground. Clever huh? :)

Hobbit had a foot massage while I opted for head and shoulder massage. Actually I just did foot massage two days prior to this recent massage. Speak of good service. Oh, but the counter lady wasn't very friendly. Pfff!

Hobbit and I found out that one hour at the indoor playground was enough to deplete our boy's energy. He was totally uninterested with everything after an hour of rigid play. The nanny told us that all he wanted was to "Go! Go! Go!" which translated to "I want to get out of this place already!"


Thank goodness he didn't used up his gold dollar coins!! 

My Confessions of the Month!

I am so ashamed to say this, but due to the starting of the new school year, added work loads, and other unforeseen circumstances lately, I have been on tea and caffeine! Caffeine, for crying out loud!! My juicing habit has been neglected and my 5 minutes exercise has been pushed aside as well. I am currently in my second week of burning the midnight oil, almost every night. 

Not good...

Not good!!

I need to start afresh next week (still want to work otherwise can't catch up) and that is to stop the caffeine (my body has learned to accept it ggggrrrrrhhhh!) and start my one month detox regime. I also need to exercise already!

September, please remind me of my little pinky promise! Thank you and wish me lots and lots of luck!

P/s: Oh and Mr. Coffee, I am going to ditch you soon. I never wanted you in me, anyway. But thanks for keeping me 'in tune' when I really needed the 'boost.' Because of you, much was done.  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Knock and You Shall Receive

It's amazing how God answers prayers. Last night I specifically prayed that Hobbit didn't have to go to work on a Sabbath day. I started by telling a good friend about it and asked her to pray too. Then I left it there and then and talked little about it to Hobbit except asking him to pray for it too! After praying about it, he told me that he will not go (well, according to his school, if you miss work for a lame excuse as in church, then there will be big possibilities that you'll get fried aka. kicked out). So I thought, hmm..but what if he gets fired? What's our alternative plan? How will we support little Hobb? Perhaps it's a new adventure? So, I left my thoughts and questions without trying to look for answers. Whatever happens, then it's God's will.

Then morning came. Hobbit got a message from his boss asking where he was. Hobbit replied truthfully that he was about to attend church. Then in came the reply that he was excused. Imagine how much of a relief I felt at that moment! Minutes after that, I received a Line message from the friend whom I asked to pray for Hobbit. She told me that she was praying the whole night and morning and decided to asked me about our decision. See, how good is God? We should never doubt his greatness and love! :)

On another note, I am currently looking at affordable audio technica at803b at guitar center. Planning to use these for my class that is going to start soon! :)

Head Ticking Like A Clock

It's 1:36am right now and I am not in bed yet. My brain is working like a ticking clock after doing some cleaning at home and after a round or two of the ever so popular online game Candy Crush. I am tuning in to good peavey classic 30 at musicians friend while trying hard to work both in my head and on the lappy of what I should do for my classes the coming school year. I am upset with myself and the school for having countless meetings two weeks before school starts and even more so that I failed to really plan what I wanted for this coming school year. Urghh! Why does it has to be so hard?

2nd Philips Juicer at Home

Remember my post on Updating Home Appliances? Well, when we went home to Malaysia for a short break, we decided to bring our juicer with us too so that we could juice everyday for our little Hobbit. Guess what, we then thought mom and dad needed to get into the habit of juicing too, so we left the juicer with them and came home with none. The next day right after we came home, we got another juicer of the same brand with our old one, just a different brand and capacity. So, introducing our new kitchen love...

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