Sunday, May 19, 2013

Updating Home Appliances

We went shopping at Home Pro yesterday. We took home a multipurpose rice cooker, a juicer and a soap tray. We also got several small stuff from Ikea. Not bad. We went and got what we wanted. Trip was to the point.
Above is a multipurpose, fuzzy rice cooker. We bought it because I have been steaming and cooking from 3 different pots and pans for different purposes. To have one appliance that does all the job is just awesome for a full-time-on-the-go mother! Saves me from going to bed at midnight (and you don't want to know why). 

Then we also got this Philips Juicer. You have no idea how much work it takes to produce juice from a normal blender. Getting this is worth the investment, especially for Little Hobb. Yes, I went broke after our appliance replacement shopping, but come to think of the benefits and how much time I can add to spending time with my family, all worth the money. Afterall, what's money without happiness?? :)

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