Sunday, May 19, 2013

Multitasking Guru

I feel like I am an inpatient drug rehab today just because I did so many things last night that my whole body is aching like crazy this morning. Working in school is much better than working at home. Working at home might seem easy and all that, but when you count how many things you did for you and for the rest of the household under your roof, you would begin to ask yourself, where the moon did you get all the energy to pull off such tasks! Having a toddler definitely 'helps' a lot. When they climb cushions while you are 'happily' washing and putting plates away, when they crawl under the table and you are trying to get your vacuuming done, oh and when they follow you to the bathroom when that was your only chance to go to the bathroom to pee?! Well, I can't complain. Infact, I had been warned that these moments would surely arrive. Now to treat my aching arms!

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