Sunday, May 19, 2013

Excited for My 'New' Kitchen

I almost trip in my house slippers. Yes, my house slippers. I need spenco arch supports please! Thank God nothing was wrong with my ankles. I thought I just sprained them. Gah!

We Hobbits are going to shop at Makro for cheap grocery today. Thanks to Sam who took us there for Little Hobb's supplies. Sure saves much more time on the dicing and chopping and with our new appliances in the kitchen, I just can't wait how much easier baby food preparation can get. Well, the old, traditional way of doing it only gave me more muscles and full swing training from the kitchen. Don't believe me? Try peeling, dicing, chopping 10 raw sweet potatoes in one sitting?! :)

Lets see, what's for juicing?....Apples, beet roots, carrots, papaya, celery, whip cream...

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