Thursday, May 23, 2013

Online Catalog Printing

Wow! I wish I have online catalog printing at home. Why? Well, whenever I see something cute and nice for arts and crafts, I would want to print those things immediately and have a good hard copy to put them into my collections of arts and crafts. With Little Hobb on board, I have been collecting crafts that he will enjoy as so to keep him occupied while the parents are busy doing housework or other work. Besides Little Hobb's crafts collections, the Mama has something similar too but more or less different. Hobbit has been complaining about me saving most of the arts and crafts pdf files into his tiny laptop. Now what did I do?? You, darling, get me an online catalog printing soon, please!!

Nyum-Nyum Foot

Little Hobb has learned the words "nyum-nyum" which means eat, "foot/feet," and "mouth." So two weeks ago I asked him to show me his little stunt. I said "nyum-nyum foot!" The above was what he did for me! :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Excited for My 'New' Kitchen

I almost trip in my house slippers. Yes, my house slippers. I need spenco arch supports please! Thank God nothing was wrong with my ankles. I thought I just sprained them. Gah!

We Hobbits are going to shop at Makro for cheap grocery today. Thanks to Sam who took us there for Little Hobb's supplies. Sure saves much more time on the dicing and chopping and with our new appliances in the kitchen, I just can't wait how much easier baby food preparation can get. Well, the old, traditional way of doing it only gave me more muscles and full swing training from the kitchen. Don't believe me? Try peeling, dicing, chopping 10 raw sweet potatoes in one sitting?! :)

Lets see, what's for juicing?....Apples, beet roots, carrots, papaya, celery, whip cream...

Rain, I Beg You. Stay!

Apparently my friends think that having a pair of english riding boots for men does not rescue you from flood.

I thank God for the early morning shower yesterday. The weather has gone too far in terms of the jokes that it has been telling. My living room had basically turned into a burning oven for the past 2 weeks or so. My fans has been complaining about working a tad bit too hard for what they are getting, and my electricity bills had been giving me the sinister smiles ever since the heat found its way into people's home.

Today is not too bad. Lets hope it stays this way. Rain, rain...don't go away. Please stay until another day.

Multitasking Guru

I feel like I am an inpatient drug rehab today just because I did so many things last night that my whole body is aching like crazy this morning. Working in school is much better than working at home. Working at home might seem easy and all that, but when you count how many things you did for you and for the rest of the household under your roof, you would begin to ask yourself, where the moon did you get all the energy to pull off such tasks! Having a toddler definitely 'helps' a lot. When they climb cushions while you are 'happily' washing and putting plates away, when they crawl under the table and you are trying to get your vacuuming done, oh and when they follow you to the bathroom when that was your only chance to go to the bathroom to pee?! Well, I can't complain. Infact, I had been warned that these moments would surely arrive. Now to treat my aching arms!

Updating Home Appliances

We went shopping at Home Pro yesterday. We took home a multipurpose rice cooker, a juicer and a soap tray. We also got several small stuff from Ikea. Not bad. We went and got what we wanted. Trip was to the point.
Above is a multipurpose, fuzzy rice cooker. We bought it because I have been steaming and cooking from 3 different pots and pans for different purposes. To have one appliance that does all the job is just awesome for a full-time-on-the-go mother! Saves me from going to bed at midnight (and you don't want to know why). 

Then we also got this Philips Juicer. You have no idea how much work it takes to produce juice from a normal blender. Getting this is worth the investment, especially for Little Hobb. Yes, I went broke after our appliance replacement shopping, but come to think of the benefits and how much time I can add to spending time with my family, all worth the money. Afterall, what's money without happiness?? :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Beyond a Toyota Conversation

My student's father owns a Toyota company and operates a Toyota showroom. We had a conversation one day about what is the best car to own in Thailand. I told him that I am currently a Honda fan and nothing can entice me unless I get to test drive the car. So obviously he was trying to buy me into liking Toyota and wanted me to change my current car. Yes, we argued about the pros and cons on both big names, but we also agree to disagree. And I really thought the conversation would stop there.

When I got home from work, I started to get Whatsapp messages. I thought it was one of my friends. Then when I look and read, it was my student, the one who had a Toyota conversation with me earlier. He was trying to persuade me to trade my Honda to a Toyota Prius from his show room. I thought he was kidding but he told me he was not. I was flabbergasted! Then he went on and talked about for toyota factory parts. How do you handle this kind of conversation? Well, I told him that I have no intention or whatsoever to change my current car and thank you for your discounts! :) Yes, he said he would get a big commission if he could help his father sell a car. I knew he needed the money but hey, I am such a poor teacher! Yet, I no doubt am proud of him for being such a business minded boy!

He and His Addiction

My boy is addicted to ball. Any balls, anything round, anything circle and anything that looks like it except his own.
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