Tuesday, April 23, 2013

He Covered Our Backs

Matthew 6:8 - Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.

I am thankful to God for knowing my needs before way ahead of time and answered even before I asked. If you are with a baby who needs to be watched and attended to 24/7, you will know the agony of losing a good nanny who has been working for you for ages. She didn't see it coming and she had to go despite wanting to work for us until Little Hobb goes to school.

Nanny is gone, another worry right? Surprisingly this time, I didn't worry. I sort of know that God got my back covered. I immediately thought of an acquaintant (now friend) who wanted to look after my boy if she is given the chance to. This sweet sister told me that she wants to do it because of love! How often do you get to hear someone say that to you?

So this month, my back is covered. God knew this was coming and I know He did this on purpose. Nothing is an accident to God. He is just too awesome to be mistaken. While I am at this blessing, Hobbit and I will enjoy is as long as it last because we know, when this opportunity is over, He will do it all over again -- cover our backs.

I am counting my blessings and checking out on water features. :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

I had a happy birthday.

My birthday celebration started in school. My homeroom class surprised me with a birthday cake during our worship in the morning. It was a chocolate cake from Dolce. Then we had a simple party.

Then came break time. I was serenaded by a student's alesis and I was totally blown away by their voices combo! By the way, these bunch of students I am talking about are naturally talented. They love to sing on their guitars most of the time. Just sing any of the latest tune and they will automatically blurt out the singer/singers for you. One of them, made me sit down to listen to him serenade me with a Jason Mraz song called "I Won't Give Up." I was totally mesmerized for two whole minutes.

After the break, my third period came in with McDonalds and birthday cards. I was wondering how they managed to get permission from the office to receive their ordered food and they just said I wasn't supposed to know. Oh well...Did I tell you that this class almost made me cry? Yeah, their cards made me very emotional that I almost shed tears in front of my 'hooligans!' Hehe!

Then I managed to have another break on my fourth period. I took the opportunity to finish with my task - interviewing new students and their parents.

So my fifth class was kind of relax. They ordered pizza and gave me a sweet note from the whole class. How sweet of them.

I thought cake was over. But my 6th period came and brought me another surprise ice cream cake. I love the fact that the mini mouses on the cake were not edible. My students let me keep them. For their party, they ordered KFC. So we had chicken and cake all the way, which caused me to become full for my last period, if they decided to throw a party!

I went home during lunch time to see how my two boys are doing and managed to do another interview before my last period.

Believe it or not, another birthday surprise from my eight period! It was also an ice-cream cake. For this class, they decided to have McDonalds too! So see, no reason why I can't have a happy birthday! :)

When I came home, Hobbit was pushing me to go somewhere to celebrate. I told him no more cake and I prefer to have a quiet birthday because that was how it has been ever since I started working. My friends seldom get to celebrate my birthday because it usually falls on the first day of the Songkran festival. Most of them even forgot my birthday due to the holidays too. Well, no big deal for me. Birthday are overrated anyways. :)

Yet before the day was over, when I finally decided to just stay home because of exhaustion (and wanting to spend time with my two boys), Dollie came and insisted that she gets to celebrate my birthday with me. Celebrate we did! We went to Beirut Lebanese Restaurant and had a good time.

Thank you Dollie, for the birthday treat. You're one awesome friend!

Happy Songkran Holiday 2013

I guess I am living my age. I don't find Songkran splashing and Songkran crowd fun anymore. This year's Songkran, Hobbit and I plan to only do one thing: Stay and home and spend time with our son. So far, we are doing just that. All is said, still...

Happy Songkran Festival to all of  you, young and old alike!
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