Monday, March 4, 2013

Short Trip to MBK

I said I would never buy fake Apple products anymore because of one bad experience but yesterday I had to succumb to buying a lightning charger for my iPhone at MBK! I thought they only cost 50baht since I don't need the head plug. I was surprise to know that the little sleek thing cost 250baht! Did they tricked me because I spoke in English or that's the real deal? 

It is not all the time that I go to this huge tourist-populated place called MBK. It has been ages. Anyway, since I'm here, might as well search for headphones for sale right? I was fascinated by one of the shops on the 6th floor where they have different colors of headphones. I decided to get a red one since it is one of my favorite color. When I came home, I quickly tried it on my digital piano and it worked pretty fine considering the price I paid for. Next time I go, I am getting the guitar stand I left a mark on, when I was there! :)

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