Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quarter 3 Almost Over

I am so glad that Quarter 3 is almost over for our school. I was so happy that this time I am quite on track with my gradings and assignments. This week, I have been enjoying listening to my students presentations. I am quite happy because they dumped their complains about me giving big projects that seem 'impossible' to them to finish, and replaced those negativity with appreciation of why I actually want them to do the project. They finally see the light! :) I almost cried when I read one of my student's composed poem about wanting his mother to come back to him. I wish I can put the poem here but maybe at a later post. I am quite amazed on how quickly they learn how to analyze poetry and short stories too! Let me share one love poem that my students and I actually like from one of my student's presentation today. It's a couplet: 

It just takes a few seconds to fall in love
But takes a lifetime to fix and rise above
When your heart breaks
It's really going to ache.

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