Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hearing Test, What??

Upon turning one, little Hobb's learning ability has doubled if not tripled. I especially noticed him susceptible to picking sounds and tunes. I still remember donning on fear when little Hobb went to his second hearing test. He failed the first one and was asked to come back after he was a week old. Still, he failed the second one. The nurses told us to do further tests which would involved more gadgets and machines. That sounded too scary for us, new parents. Then the third time, my mom figured that he would have to be awake, instead of sleeping (like the nurses recommended he should be when taking the test). So my mom figured out to tickle him a bit when the testing machine was hooked to his ears. And it turned out that my mom was right! He needed to be awake to be able to hear stuff and for the machine to tick! We were overwhelmed with joy when he actually responded and the ticker was ticking! I forgot how many times I prayed in tears of joy and no longer having to test him by clapping our hands just to see whether he would respond! My dad even played the tambourine mf on his phone to make a big statement. Haha!

God is good, all the time.


Unknown said...

She looked quite a site with the huge headphones on and all these wires attached to her head. She had to sleep throughout so that they know that her brain is reacting to the sound so my poor finger was being sucked off trying to keep her alseep every time she started to rouse.
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