Tuesday, March 12, 2013

David King & Co Briefcase

If only I can get hold of this stylish david king briefcase, I would be so happy because not only I would want Hobbit to have one, but I want to have one! I particularly set an eye on a DK flap over portfolio double gusset! I wonder if they would have a faux paux ones at Chatucak market? By the way, I have learned from many shopping mistakes -- Do not think you are saving money by buying something cheap because it is the duplicate of something expensive you cannot afford. Usually cheap things don't last long because of the quality and materials they are made of. Not all the time too though because I did buy a lot of cheap stuff that lasted a donkey years as well. So where do we draw the line? I would say, look at the materials carefully and where it is being made. Sometimes labels with "made in China" is not so bad afterall!

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