Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hearing Test, What??

Upon turning one, little Hobb's learning ability has doubled if not tripled. I especially noticed him susceptible to picking sounds and tunes. I still remember donning on fear when little Hobb went to his second hearing test. He failed the first one and was asked to come back after he was a week old. Still, he failed the second one. The nurses told us to do further tests which would involved more gadgets and machines. That sounded too scary for us, new parents. Then the third time, my mom figured that he would have to be awake, instead of sleeping (like the nurses recommended he should be when taking the test). So my mom figured out to tickle him a bit when the testing machine was hooked to his ears. And it turned out that my mom was right! He needed to be awake to be able to hear stuff and for the machine to tick! We were overwhelmed with joy when he actually responded and the ticker was ticking! I forgot how many times I prayed in tears of joy and no longer having to test him by clapping our hands just to see whether he would respond! My dad even played the tambourine mf on his phone to make a big statement. Haha!

God is good, all the time.

He Turned ONE!!

From this tiny munchkin...

To this adorable pie!

We are just blessed. 

Through it all, Hobbit and I have learned to never underestimate what God can do in a person's life. His miracles are real for He is the same yesterday, today and forever! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

David King & Co Briefcase

If only I can get hold of this stylish david king briefcase, I would be so happy because not only I would want Hobbit to have one, but I want to have one! I particularly set an eye on a DK flap over portfolio double gusset! I wonder if they would have a faux paux ones at Chatucak market? By the way, I have learned from many shopping mistakes -- Do not think you are saving money by buying something cheap because it is the duplicate of something expensive you cannot afford. Usually cheap things don't last long because of the quality and materials they are made of. Not all the time too though because I did buy a lot of cheap stuff that lasted a donkey years as well. So where do we draw the line? I would say, look at the materials carefully and where it is being made. Sometimes labels with "made in China" is not so bad afterall!

No Telly Velly

So our neighbors just told us that they just got a good deal on a flat screen telly. Thus they went all the way back to Mega Bangna to get tv wall mounts after securing the permission from our apartment owner. This couple no longer gets enough sleep because they now can utilize their satellite subscription and enjoy hundreds of channels from all over the world. 

I told Hobbit about me wanting our telly to come back to life. Instead of a yes, he gave me a heap of advice reiterating on my own words exactly like how I bombarded him before when he wanted the telly to come to come alive. Oh well, I guess we can't live with hundreds-of-channels now that we have a growing toddler and a nanny who needs to be on watch for baby Hobb 24/7. 

Quarter 3 Almost Over

I am so glad that Quarter 3 is almost over for our school. I was so happy that this time I am quite on track with my gradings and assignments. This week, I have been enjoying listening to my students presentations. I am quite happy because they dumped their complains about me giving big projects that seem 'impossible' to them to finish, and replaced those negativity with appreciation of why I actually want them to do the project. They finally see the light! :) I almost cried when I read one of my student's composed poem about wanting his mother to come back to him. I wish I can put the poem here but maybe at a later post. I am quite amazed on how quickly they learn how to analyze poetry and short stories too! Let me share one love poem that my students and I actually like from one of my student's presentation today. It's a couplet: 

It just takes a few seconds to fall in love
But takes a lifetime to fix and rise above
When your heart breaks
It's really going to ache.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Short Trip to MBK

I said I would never buy fake Apple products anymore because of one bad experience but yesterday I had to succumb to buying a lightning charger for my iPhone at MBK! I thought they only cost 50baht since I don't need the head plug. I was surprise to know that the little sleek thing cost 250baht! Did they tricked me because I spoke in English or that's the real deal? 

It is not all the time that I go to this huge tourist-populated place called MBK. It has been ages. Anyway, since I'm here, might as well search for headphones for sale right? I was fascinated by one of the shops on the 6th floor where they have different colors of headphones. I decided to get a red one since it is one of my favorite color. When I came home, I quickly tried it on my digital piano and it worked pretty fine considering the price I paid for. Next time I go, I am getting the guitar stand I left a mark on, when I was there! :)

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