Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Valentine's Day Wall Messages

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I have been asking my students to write love messages to their friends and teachers and post it on our Valentine's Day Messages Wall. The hearts on the wall are starting to grow as I distributed more paper hearts for the students to write on today. I hope I can take a picture of our Messages Wall once teaching is over today. The names are written on each heart so those who have names on the hearts can pull it down tomorrow and enjoy their love messages. I hope to write to some of my students as well. Oh, did I tell you one of my students brought cigars magazine to school? He said it belongs to his father since his father is a cigar dealer. When I actually asked him about cigars, he actually knows a lot. One thing really impressed me though...He said "although my father is a cigar dealer, he never smokes because he takes good care of his health."

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stages of Procrastination

I showed my students this cute drawing this morning just because someone mentioned the word PROCRASTINATION out loud! I love my homeroom honors class. They crack me up all the time! :)

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