Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby Needs Non-O Visa in Thailand

It's weird how babies have to apply for visas. After talking to several parents and asking questions, we finally made the decision to apply a Non-O Visa for little Hobb.

The general understanding is, expat babies can overstay in Thailand without a visa until they reach 12 years old. The problem with going with this understanding is that, whenever the baby goes out of the country and come back to Thailand, the parents might have to deal with questions, paper work and a lot of clearance at the airport before the immigration officer would let the baby stay without a visa again.

I hate going through all the hassle at the airport, especially dealing with paper work and coping with language barrier. Jet lag and exhaustion is another thing. So we took little Hobb to the Bangkok Immigration Office at Laksi yesterday.

The distance of the immigration office from Bangkok is a pain. Driving there is a pain. Trusting google's gps is very 'helpful'. Yet we got there safely. We just gave the officers all the forms needed and little Hobb got to enjoy stamping with his little right thumb, said goodbye to a good 2000 Baht and we were done. Hobbit just have to wait for two weeks to collect the documents. Phew...

The little guy was obviously exhausted from all the kicking and jumping at the immigration. So we left him to our neighbors for a change of environment while we had dinner and fixed his food. While having our dinner, mMy nanny saw this cute studs I bought from the Mall and questioned why buy silver...Well, I had to return her the look that goes "because I like it...!!" Haha!

The day ended with our eyes fixed on the last episode of Twilight and Ashton coming home tired from all the play and walks. Thank you God for all the good and challenges of today.

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