Monday, January 14, 2013

Hanamint Tuscany

All I need right now is another vacation! LOL! Going through hanamint tuscany at familyleisure was refreshing to the thought that my soul badly seeks another vacation! Those who wish to open a resort could seek stuff from this site. All the furniture are awesome! The set above is just perfect for dad's garden.

By the way, this Wednesday is a holiday for our school and I might take the little guy somewhere just to sit and relax a little. It's not only work, but home is a hectic place for me too because the demand of my little one is raising sky high each day. Many times I just have to imagine myself relaxing somewhere instead of getting stressed out on what I need to achieve for the day. I am thankful everyday for the ability to pray or else I would resort to something else just to find peace. 

So here I am, excited to plan for a day of family leisure somewhere this coming Wednesday! :)

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