Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hambin is Baby Sling, According to Mom

Hey, spot the uncle?!

My family (the three of us) was sitting at a vintage 'kedai  makan' in Midvalley one day to please our crave with some Char Kueh cakes, nasi lemak and Penang laksa. It was on a working day and we were surrounded by office smelling lunch goers hoarding the restaurant for nasi bungkus and laksa. Little Hobb was cranky and hungry and I sat on the table assigned to us while adjusting my hambin so I could comfortably feed my little Hobb. Hobbit got busy preparing baby food and water. So you could see the both of us were busy with our baby! The 'uncle' came to get our orders but we kinda ignored him and just gesture 'later'. As I was all ready to feed our 'wormy' baby, my sideway glance chanced upon a group of ladies (must be in their 20s or 30s), pencil mini-skirts, sheer blouses and sturdy stilettos, were looking my way and kinda 'discussed' us-- young parents out of wed-lock, whiny baby, messy table, under parents-support, stale looking, military ring...

A challenge to feed....

Yup, their discussions were full in my head as Hobbit and I were struggling feeding our little lad...

...Hobbit?? He played the bent down game to pick up baby's dinosaur shoes he dislikes.

Can you spot what little Hobb is doing?
Little Hobb's hands after sticking them into my Penang laksa!

Look ladies, me being petite, wearing a mini jeans skirt and unfashionable slippers, equipped with a hambin on my shoulder doesn't make me jobless, out of wed-lock, parents-supported little missy okay...My perfect teenage-looking hubster and I sometimes just don't make the cut as having those parent-ial looks but we are perfectly fine raising a kid. So if all of you could kindly take your eyes out of our way and stop the mumbling, we would really appreciate it and I can scoop baby food out of the bottle without spilling any on my baby and me! 

I love this  baby food

Meanwhile, the 'uncle' came and took our orders. He too I felt, sympathized with the mess we made, kindly handed a box of tissue and speed up on the orders. 

The food came. Little Hobb was full and was reaching out the chopsticks and spoons. They nicely landed on the floor. 

In came another group of old aunties and sat slightly towards our left. With the landing of chinese utensils, they too gave us a 'kind' of stare for a bit and went on kepoh-ing away. 

Should I curtsey or should I bow?? 

So I asked Hobbit to take little Hobb away while I enjoy my Penang laksa. The feeling of freedom never felt so good. Ignoring all the eyes, I dug deep and enjoyed my laksa to the fullest! Such a feeling...wearing hambin while eating laksa... 

Now you see it...

Now you don't!

This is so good! Char Kuey rocks!

Then it was Hobbit's turn to gobble his nasi lemak! He returned me the boy when I wasn't quite done and way he devoured all his food. Just at his first bite did little Hobb decided to make special 'cake' in his diaper! 

You know, for a second I wished I was one of the ladies who side-glanced a family handling a cranky, fussy baby. But reality check brought me right back to why I had the hambin aka. baby carrier/sling on me. It's because I am happy having them on with my very own baby in it. It's because my little cranky and fussy babe brings me A LOT of joy! It's because family is my top priority now. And it's simply because I am a petite, blessed mother. 

I am living my life. My awesome, awesome life!! 

Remind me please, when one day I forget.

Me and Ma Little Man

At Midvalley, KL


Jinia said...

Hey.. looks like your having your hair cut.. Nice on you! Don't bother about the Hambin Amy.. Good for you knew how to sling a Hambin.. I need a course for it. People staring at us because we are the luckiest person in the world.. Instead all of the stressed out and headache, it makes the world worth living in..-) God bless u, Hobbit and Little Hobb!

Unknown said... have such a beautiful family and are so blessed!! I am so happy for you!! Dawn

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