Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mozart Is Him

It has been a challenge lately to put little Hobb to sleep at night. We thought sleepless nights were over but just last week, Hobbit and I found out that there is a tendency for baby to wake up frequently at night when they are in the process of teething. Why didn't nobody tells us that?? Basically what baby Hobb did so far in the middle of the night is pop head up, look left and right with eyes closed, rub face and starts to cry. We had to take time to soothe and rock him back to sleep. Then a few hours later, he would repeat the waking up process again. 

What I found to be working is going back to his Mozart music. Believe it or not, he has always succumb to Mozart's music when it comes to sleeping. I guess he was well-trained since belly-hood. So what Hobbit and I did was we let Mozart put us to sleep every night and the frequency of little Hobb waking up had been miraculously lessen and sometimes to none. Since Hobbit is learning his roland spd sx from guitar center, he also contributed to some music at home now.  Parenthood has been much easier with Mozart around the house as well. For instance, little Hobb is much more calmer given that he can be quite a handful at times. The growing up process they say-- reaching out endlessly, rolling and crawling, chasing everything else while on his buggy seat...Whew!!

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