Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Learning to Give Little Feathers

I now understand why my parents were very protective of me while I was growing up. Hobbit reminded me of why my parents did what they did to me when I was growing up too in the sense of social freedom. 

Letting Little Hobb go to a birthday party with my friends seemed to not be a problem for me at first. Yet right before handing him to one of his aunties, all of a sudden I felt like my happiness is being robbed. It's a strange feeling if you have never experienced it before. You suddenly have a great urge to protect, if not to keep your 'precious one' with you as close and as long as possible. Then I realized, my possessive 'ilness' should not be entertained too much or else my child will be robbed from a lot of social happiness as he grows up! 

I know how it feels like because I have very protective parents that I was always kept at home while my friends were having a lot of 'life' out there. I am not saying what my parents did to me was robbing my childhood or tween-hood but it is more of what I became like. I became a person who dislike going to social events, dislike being around people and what's worse, became a rebel. Because I dislike being the anti-social me, I argued with my parents to send me to a boarding school so I could become a 'better social person.' Right, I had it all 'figured' out until I made a big mess in Form 2 (Grade 8) due to my freedom explosions. Therefore, I was sent home. Back to square one with the word "grounded" hanging on my neck. Friend's birthday, mom's there. School field trips, parents tailed from behind the bus...

Actually, these memories just makes me chuckle...hee!

So there, you get it. I don't want to tail on my son wherever he goes. I need to learn, at this early stage, even at 8 months old, to let him fly a little. One day, my little gift of feathers will slowly help him a lot, especially once he learns how to fly by himself.

So last Monday was Constitution Day. No work. Hobbit, the nanny and I decided to do a lot of moving to our new little pad. The girls were having some birthday celebration at Christine's cozy home. So auntie Dollie decided to relief us and took Little Hobb for the day. Little Hobb had a lot of fun! He came back to us a happy and cheerful boy like he always is. He is blessed to have all his aunties and uncles love him to bits! Thank you guys.

Here are some pictures I got from his aunties' facebook galleries: 
With auntie Christine

With auntie Rachel

With auntie S and aunty Lily

With uncle Chyu

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Hazel said...

Ashton was a sweetie bear the whole time :) Totally content and behaved. Thanks for sharing him with us :)

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