Saturday, December 8, 2012

Alpha Lipid S II, yay or nay?

Please forgive me for ranting here. 
Don't get me wrong, I am all for good health and long life. Any consumer products that promotes these two things is a yay for me given they promote not to slowly rip us off our pockets but helps us on that part of the burden as well. I know some products have to be expensive because of how it is researched and made but I just can't take brutal advertising sprinkled with extra hype on the top!
It says: Secret. Diet without going hungry.

I am in the level of annoyance right now because many of the business-minded sellers in Facebook simply tagged me in all of their "said-to-be-good" products and one of the product is Alpha Lipid SII. Yes, there are many proofs on the photos (before-after pictures) of those who have successfully lose weight but...I don't simply buy into a product that promises something extra fast! Come on, if you do a close research and study on the product, the focus is on a planned diet and the diet program the company is using is mainly based on the well-known Atkin's diet. So basically you can lose weight by following the diet plan WITHOUT consuming the product. I've read the nutritional values on this product and yes, you may take it as a supplement but not to lose weight FAST. Losing weight has to be a process. Otherwise, the faster you lose, the faster you gain. So think about your health goals before splurging. It is a good product but I am still not willing to spend  hundreds of RM or BAHT in a month just to have fast result which will soon or later destroy my own health. I read somewhere that every body works in different ways. So how can this one product claim to be suitable for everybody? Nah, nay for now.

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