Friday, November 2, 2012

My Left Wrist Needs A Doctor

I got a wake up call today to fix my left wrist or else I would suffer from my carelessness. 

I have been suffering from a really bad wrist muscle injury that I could hardly move my left thumb, what more bend it. It happened ever since little Hobb came to town and I have been ignoring the pain. Slowly it became severe and now it's totally like crap! I can't use it to do anything EXCEPT....carry little Hobb! It's funny how I don't feel the pain when I am carrying him. It's always like he takes the pain away for a little while and puts it back again when I put him down. He is about 7.5kg now. Yet, when I carry a thing like a stack of paper (not even measured to a novel), my wrist simply went dead! When my dad visited last month, he took slices of ginger and gently rubbed it back and forth on the where the pain is and it helped quite a bit. He told me to watch out for the intensity of the pain. I told him that I rather get it accupunctured (if there's such a word) than to get it healed by medication intake. Someone suggested me pepper spray. I wonder if they work! To think I can stretch for an octave on the piano....It was just impossible! So, to really get me fixing my wrist, my friend Moi had made a pack to ask me of my wrist's situation the next week we see each other in school. How nice of her!

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