Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Yesterday we celebrated Thanks giving with my school family. It was also Little Hobb's first Thanksgiving dinner. He had his pumpkin puree dinner while we all had pieces of turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, sauces, salads and all the classic stuff that we used to have every thanksgiving.
With his beautiful aunty Dollie!
When we came home, our neighbour was celebrating with friends too! I personally don't mind him with his celebration but it became annoying as the cloc ticked by. His pad sounded like a full ochestra from our place and I wonder if he got the Fender Blacktop at Musicians friend. Just so you know, this neighbour is married to his guitars and amplifiers! He sounded good when jammin' alone but with a bus full of other wannabe musicians? Why don't they just get a club?!

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