Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yes. Tomorrow Is Monday.

Dang! Mr Hobbit is having a full week of school break. How nice!! 

Baby Hobb woke up extra early this Sunday morning and decided to look left and right at his papa and mama just to check whether we were awake. Nope! It was on a Sunday, what do you expect? He then plot a plan in his head and moved closer to each of us and fling our faces with his little palm! Good job in convincing us to play with him!! Before long, he managed to get us out of our comfy comforter and out into his world. 

We were invited to our country's embassy today. Obviously Baby Hobb had to take his bathe earlier. While Hobbit was fixing Baby Hobb, I quickly ran through the list of errands I had to complete before stuffing ourselves with Msian food! Then off to our embassy at about 11am. 

We had to pay our yearly fees. Food was the best compared to many other events in the past. That made us super happy! 

Then off we went to my school for the world choir champions' performance. The worship seating was just right. Wasn't too crowded. Awesome voice. My jaw was hanging waiting to drop...Amazing talents!! Keep up!

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