Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Moss Decorations

Of late, I have this craze looking at decorative moss. Thanks to Pinterest, everything to look for are there! Whenever I found myself some free time, I would click on Pinterest and look at how people utilize moss in beautiful ways! Why in the world do I have this craze, you may ask? Well, first of all, it started when I stayed at one particular hotel and was looking around while waiting for a friend to get ready. As I was sitting alone in the cafe of that hotel, I began noticing the lobby walls decorated with mosses! And while I was marveled by the beauty of the moss-decorated wall, all of a sudden I thought, hey... Moss can be somewhere else! Like on the dining table, holding up hot cuppa coffee, or it could go with an opened treasure box filled with jewelry...Ahh! Those enlightening moments! So here, I see if my ideas were made into reality by somebody else....True enough! The pictures proved so! Beautiful aren't they? :)

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